What I’ve been reading – August 2015

We’re back from a lovely holiday in Portugal, where I managed to find time to read 11 whole books – what luxury! Thought I’d share some very small reviews about each one…

The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

paying_guests_3019701aThis wasn’t my favourite Sarah Waters book and actually I found the courtroom drama at the heart of the action was less interesting than the brilliant description of British life after the first world war. But definitely worth reading.

In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume


One of my favourite reads of the holiday, this was a real page-turner and an imaginative fictionalised account of shocking real-life events.

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica


I really enjoyed this book – right up until the very end. The final twist left me a bit flummoxed and I’m desperate to discuss it with someone else who’s read it. If that’s you – let me know!
The Sunrise by Victoria Hislop


I love how Victoria Hislop makes the history in her novels almost become a character and this latest story – about Cyprus – was no different. I really enjoyed this one.

A Tap on the Window by Linwood Barclay


I like Linwood Barclay’s thriller and this was a good beach read.

Summer at Shell Cottage by Lucy Diamond

Summer at Shell Cottage

I’d never read Lucy Diamond before but came across this one on the bookshelf in our apartment and raced through it. Such believable characters and a warm-hearted story.

Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood


A really interesting fictional account of Ernest Hemingway’s four wives, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m now on a mission to read more Hemingway, too!

The Ballroom Café by Ann O’Loughlin


I wasn’t overly impressed with this one. I thought the story was a bit tired, and the dialogue especially was very clunky. It was disappointing and I wouldn’t recommend it.

The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert


My other fave read of the holiday. I adored Eat, Pray, Love and Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert and this novel definitely lived up to those. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. It is a sweeping, enormous, story and I loved it.

The Extraordinary Life of Frank Derrick by JB Morrison

Got to be honest, I downloaded this one because it was written by Jim Bob from Carter USM! But it was great – Frank Derrick is such a well-drawn character that I find myself thinking about him long after finishing the book.

Silent Scream by Angela Marsons
Silent Scream

I love crime fiction but I’m very fussy about it. I enjoyed this one though, which had a tightly plotted story and an interesting heroine. I think I might let Angela Marsons into my crime writers circle of trust…

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