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I’m sure I’m not alone among writers in having an idea of who I’d like to play the characters in my books if they ever hit the big screen (or the small screen – I’m not fussy!).

I’ve been having a bit of fun thinking about which actors fit with characters in my books – and it’s been really interesting hearing other people’s opinions on what they all look like.

First off is Esme. In actual fact Esme is a mixture of a girl I used to work with and another girl that a friend had a long (unrequited!) crush on. And I always picture her as looking a little bit like Kate Hudson. Someone who’s read BBB, though, said he pictured Sheridan Smith. I love Sheridan, but I think she’s a bit – whisper it – too old to be Esme! What do you think? How do you picture Esme?

Harry is, in my head, an actress called Kirsty Mitchell. She’s been in things like Case Histories, Silent Witness and Monarch of the Glen. She’s willowy and glamorous and perfect for Harry.

For Brent, I’ve always pictured a Sam Seaborn type (he’s played by Rob Lowe for anyone who’s not see The West Wing. And if you haven’t seen it, then you must.). Clean cut, all-American, Ivy League, and very handsome.

Tess and Suky were a bit harder. I’ve always had a picture in my head of Tess with very short, cropped hair –a bit like Melissa McBride, who plays Carol in the Walking Dead. Obviously there are fewer zombies in the Scottish Highlands! And I think Fiona Fullerton, who’s just been in Strictly, could be a lovely Suky.

Nell, who works in the café with the witches, could be Jennifer Lawrence. Well, I don’t think she really looks like her, but I love Jennifer Lawrence so I wanted an excuse to get her on the page!

But do you know who makes me come a bit unstuck? Jamie. I can’t quite get a handle on him. I know he’s quite posh, he likes rugby, he’s blond. But that’s as far as I get. I’d love to know who you think Jamie looks like – let me know here, on facebook or on twitter.

You can find lots of pictures of my dream castlist on Pinterest

PS: As a teaser for the sequel to BBB – which has a working title of Because You’re Mine – there’s a character called Xander, who looks a lot like Orlando Bloom and who gets Esme into a LOT of trouble…


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