As an experienced, thoughtful editor I can help shape your writing and make it as good as it can possibly be before you either self-publish or submit to agents or publishers. I’m also a thorough, careful proofreader and copy editor.

 What I can offer…


Manuscript critique

I will read your manuscript and give you clear, honest editorial guidance. I will provide a report analysing what’s working well in your story, and what needs attention.
I can help with the structure and shape of your story, characterisation, plotting and dialogue, and I can give you advice about self-editing and how to make your writing stronger.

This can be a one-off or I can read your manuscript again after you’ve edited it.


Copy editing

I will read your manuscript carefully and make any necessary changes (I will track all changes so you can see what’s been done).

  • grammar and punctuation
  • spelling
  • consistency
  • fact-checking
  • formatting


Synopsis/cover letter

I can help with writing a synopsis of your work and drafting a cover letter for submitting your manuscript to agents and publishers.


Full edit

This includes a manuscript critique, plus we can discuss your writing over the phone, or on email. I will read and critique it again after you’ve made any changes, as many times as necessary to make sure your work is as good as it possibly can be.

This package also includes a thorough copy edit, and I can help with writing a synopsis and a cover letter before you submit your manuscript to agents or publishers.

What kind of writing can I edit?

  • Commercial women’s fiction
  • Romantic fiction
  • Crime fiction/thrillers/grip lit
  • Historical fiction
  • Literary fiction
  • Children’s fiction
  • Selected non-fiction (please contact me for more information)

What can’t I do?

  • Sci-fi
  • Fantasy
  • Help with referrals to publishers and agents.
  • Publish your work.

The relationship between an author and editor is delicate and important and I understand that we need to work well together. So for that reason, I’ll need to see a sample of your work before we agree a price, and I’m happy to edit that sample so you can see how I work too. If you’re not sure which service you need, just drop me an email and we can have a chat about how I can help you.