I’ve been an editor for more than 20 years, working on newspapers, magazines and now novels.

If you’re after a thoughtful, considered and thorough edit of your novel then I can help.

As an editor, my aim is to help you get your story as good as it can possibly be – from the development stage, through to copy edits and beyond.

Kerry is a joy to work with and her editing is top-notch. She is reliable and professional and always goes the extra mile. I highly recommend her. – Sarah Painter

Development editing focuses on the plot, characters, pacing and dialogue in your novel. I’ll give it a good read, have a think about what’s working well and what can be tightened up, and provide you with a detailed critique of the story. I always think this stage can take as long as it needs to, and work however you want it to. I’m happy to discuss my critique over the phone, on Zoom or Skype or face-to-face. Or we can email back and forth – I’m flexible. I can also re-read once changes have been made, and critique again. It’s a very organic, collaborative process.

I enjoyed working with Kerry when she edited my first novel. Not only does she help straighten out any grammatical errors that there might be but she also gives advice on structure and plot. I doubt my novel would have been published without her help. Chris Bailey-Green

Once the story is as good as it can be, I can do a thorough copy edit, focusing on spelling, grammar and punctuation, fact-checking, and all the nuts and bolts of producing a manuscript.

Some people want help with every aspect of the process, others just want a developmental edit or copy edits. I’m happy to provide whatever the writer wants. And I can also help with writing a synopsis, and writing a cover letter for agents or publishers.

I’m working on my first novel and I am really benefitting from Kerry´s editing. She has pointed out when I have got lost and told me what my novel has and what it needs. It is so good – and essential, too – to have a professional person to look at the manuscript with fresh eyes. –  Outi Ruokola.

I mostly work on fiction but as a journalist I have a strong background in non-fiction and would happily discuss editing any sort of writing.

Please email me on kerrybarrett73@gmail.com for more information about what I can help with and how much I charge.