I write about all the things I love – dancing, magic, weddings, babies, baking, laughter and quite a lot
of wine.

My most recent novels are all partly based in the present day and partly in a period from history – A Step In Time has a story set at the end of World War Two, and my next book is set in 1966. I adore researching the time periods I’m writing about. I listen to music from the time, watch films and read books to throw myself into the era my characters live in.

While this is brilliant fun, I often find myself losing hours putting together Spotify playlists. I once spent a whole afternoon watching clips of Ginger Rogers dancing on YouTube.

I’m currently trying to resist researching the story of Pickles, the dog who found the missing World Cup in 1966, because it’s really just a sentence in the background of my story and I know it’s going to be an irresistible tale…